Monterrey School of Preaching, May 2017

Namwianga Mission

For many years the Hwy. 36 Church of Christ has provided support to the missionary efforts of Patson Syula in Zambia. Patson teaches Bible at George Benson Christian College at Namwianga Mission in Zambia, Africa. During the week Patson and his students are on campus in class and then on the weekends they go out to the village churches to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, plant churches in  areas where there are no churches of Christ, organize gospel meetings, and train people in roles of ministry. The mission also provides food relief, cares for orphans, and medical care to the people in Zambia.


Sherwood & Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children


Medina Children’s Home & Arms of Hope


Preaching School in Thailand

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 Missionary: Roy Knight; Website: www.indiacalls.in

Christ centered mission work.  Arise Shine India began in the 1960’s evangelizing in India and Nepal.  We are dedicated to reach out to the children in need and forsaken women; victims who are affected by disaster and persecution; helping poor families and communities; and supporting the preachers in their work of evangelism.  We covet your prayers and help for India and Nepal to come to Christ.  Amen

Guatemala, Mexico

Missionary: Roberto Alvarez

Guatemala Report, February 2018

Guatemala Report 2017