Namwianga Mission

For many years the Hwy. 36 Church of Christ has provided support to the missionary efforts of Patson Syula in Zambia. Patson works with the Namwianga Mission on the church development team in Zambia, Africa. Its primary focus is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, plant churches and train people in roles of ministry. The mission also provides food relief, cares for orphans, and medical care to the people in Zambia.


Mission Chiapas

Hwy. 36 church of Christ has joined with the Buffalo Gap church of Christ in supporting Enrique and Anay Carrillo as they minister to the people of Chiapas, Mexico. Mission Chiapas focuses on planting churches and building strong leaders through a education service¬†center, known as The Way. Enrique is currently providing spiritual oversight and guidance to 14 fledgling congregations spread across the State of Chiapas. The Way has 50 students committed to bringing the love of God to the people of Chiapas. Mission Chiapas has a Facebook group, and will have a new website sometime this year. We’ll have more details to share soon.


Sherwood & Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children


Medina Children’s Home & Arms of Hope


Preaching School in Thailand

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