It’s Almost Here! Hwy. 36 church of Christ Family Vacation Bible School!

     It’s almost here!  One of our longest-running local evangelism efforts is our annual Family Vacation Bible School.  This year it will be Sunday, June 25 through Wednesday, June 28, beginning at 6:30 p.m. each evening. 
     Training Superheroes For God! is our 2017 theme, with nightly lessons about the Courage of David, the Strength of Samson, the Selflessness of Esther, and the Faith of Noah.  All of these are from God, and we will learn to ask Him to give each of us courage, strength, selflessness and faith too!
     Not Just for Kids!  As always, we offer Bible classes for all ages.  Our Adult Class will be led by Bo Shero, preaching minister for the Brownfield, TX church of Christ.  Bo has participated with us in VBS for several years, and we appreciate his diligence in study and presentation of God’s Word.
     Our High School Bible Class Teacher will be Blan Chrane, preaching minister for the Franklin, TX church of Christ.  Blan was born and raised at Hwy. 36 and served as our youth minister for several years.  He spent a number of years as youth minister for the Daugherty Street church in Eastland, TX before moving to Franklin about 4 years ago.  Bible classes for Junior High, Elementary, Pre-K & K, Preschool, Toddlers and Infants will also be conducted by a host of our own members, and will include Bible lessons, crafts, games, puppet skits, and snacks.
     Please plan now to join us, and invite your friends and neighbors to come with you!  And don’t forget to bring your best homemade ice cream on Wednesday evening, as we always conclude VBS with Homemade Ice Cream!  We hope to see you there!